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Therapies with Sue Pready

Treatments and Training

I have a part-time therapy practice in two locations in Welwyn Garden City, from where I offer the following treatments:

· Sound Healing   more information
· Gong Therapy more information
· Reiki Healing more information
· Spiritual Healing (NFSH) more information
· Angelic Reiki Healing more information
· Reiki Drum Healing more information
· Angel Card Readings

I take an ethical approach to my work and am bound by the Codes of Conduct of each healing modality that I practice.

For bookings and further details please contact me.

Treatment Costs

Costs vary according to the type of treatment and length of session but as a general guide are based on £40.00 - 1 hour.

Therapy Training and Support

Please visit my Events Page for forthcoming dates.

· Sound Healing with the Voice (COSH and CMA accredited)   more information
· Reiki Level 1     more information
· Reiki Level 2     more information
· Reiki Master Practitioner Level 3   more information
· Reiki Master Teacher Level 4   more information
What My Clients Say - About Therapies
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"Sue, I think you have a wonderful sense of connection to yourself which spreads to others by being with you and helps to connect them. Thank you so much for my spiritual healing treatments". Mrs M. M., Welwyn

"Being a business consultant I need to be open-minded when meeting clients to allow them to relate to me and me to their businesses. This is no different when seeing Sue. I went to Sue for spiritual healing for a nerve problem and whilst I still have it, it is much less of an issue than it was when I first went. Sue is a breath of fresh air in a murky world and is calming and understanding. I would heartily recommend her. No matter what your journey, Sue will have a positive impact upon it" Mr S. W., Welwyn Garden City

"Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the reiki treatment last week. I feel so much better. You have a very calming presence which allowed me to be present and that doesn't happen often". Mrs A.W., Enfield

"Thank you for what you did during my year-long arduous journey and also especially for what you didn't do - creating the space to learn more from what only painful experiences can teach" (Ref: Reiki treatments) Mrs A. N., Hertford

What My Clients Say - About Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1 (Beginner):

"Thank you so much for a wonderful course which I know will help me on my spiritual path"

"A lovely course, thank you so much for attuning me to reiki. You worked so hard and it was extremely fulfilling and uplifting. You handed me a precious gift on a plate"

"Thank you for a wonderful learning experience with my Reiki 1 training weekend. Your inspiration has given me the realisation that I had most of the tools, I was just waiting for my teacher! That being you, Sue. Thank you for a huge leap in my journey"

Reiki Level 2 (Practitioner):

"It's so pleasant to learn with you because it's not formal, we work seriously and have fun at the same time"

"You have a fantastic teaching style and are always approachable and open to answering any questions"

Reiki Master Level 3:

"The depth and range of Sue's knowledge and understanding is amazing. She was able to answer all the myriad of questions we all had with clarity. She doesn't do reiki. She is reiki".

Reiki Master Teacher Level 4:

"Thank you for all the teaching and insights into reiki. It has all enriched my life no end".

"When you take a step forward, a bridge appears" - Goethe

For appointment bookings and enquiries please contact me.