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Train to be a Sound Healer

I am a Tutor for The College of Sound Healing and I offer their Sound Healing Core Practitioner Training in a tranquil village setting near Hertford in Hertfordshire. This core training is comprised of five weekend modules delivered over a period of approximately one year and is fully accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). The fundamental focus of this whole programme is on developing and using the voice for healing.

The first workshop in the series - which is entitled "Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice" - is open to everyone as a general interest workshop but at the same time counts as Part 1 of the 5-Part training to become a sound healer, should you wish to do so (it is not necessary to commit to the full course until Part 2 when the course is closed to new entrants).

"Dear Sue - I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the introductory course. I feel it marks the beginning of a wonderful journey for me. I have been working with sound in various ways and very much look forward to the next part of the course and definitely want a place. With heartfelt thanks!"   -   Mr C. S., London

People who come on these introductory workshops come from all walks of life. In addition to those who decide to continue with the full training because they wish to complement their pre-existing work as e.g. healers, therapists or counsellors, there are often people who continue the training purely for self-development or as part of their own healing journey. When this is the case there is no requirement to complete the case studies and extended essay.

During the training you will learn a wide variety of methods for giving sound healing treatments. Once you have completed the Practitioner Training you can become a full Member of the College of Sound Healing (MCSH) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA).

Course Outline
Part 1: An Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice
Understanding the healing power of the voice
Removing blockages from the voice
Voice exercises
Creating pure tone
Breathing correctly
Experience a sound healing session
Understanding harmonics and their role in healing
Develop the ability to hear harmonics
Learn techniques to create vocal harmonics
Learn sacred chants from different spiritual traditions
Balancing the chakras with sound
Using sound for meditation
Part 2: The Theory and Practice of Sound Healing
Understanding the principles of sound healing
Working with healing energy
Psychic protection
Learn how to use tuning forks in a sound healing session
Learn how to give a basic sound healing treatment
Using the voice for diagnosis
Using the voice for healing
Understanding the value of silence in a sound healing session
Part 3: Music as Medicine
Understanding why music is healing for us
Experiencing the healing power of musical intervals
Learn how to use musical intervals in a healing session
Learn the sounds of the Indian Scale
Using the Indian Scale to balance the chakras
Understanding the healing process
Blocks to healing
Part 4: Sound Healing through the Chakras
Understanding the chakras and the five elements
Do a sound healing treatment on another student
Learn the Sanskrit bija mantras for the chakras
Learn how to balance the chakras with the bija mantras
Part 5: Graduation Weekend
Review the sound healing practices that you have learnt
on the course
Students will receive their certificates
Using sound healing with colour
Toning with your client
Using percussive sounds in a treatment
Distant healing with sound
Course Requirements

It is helpful if participants have already studied some form of healing before undertaking the course, e.g. massage, reiki, music therapy, yoga, counselling.

After each weekend you will need to complete a piece of written work in the form of a review and submit it to your tutor. There will also be some additional homework to complete after Part 1 and case studies after each of Parts 2, 3 and 4 (making a total of 36 case studies in all). After Part 4, you will be required to write an extended essay of 3,000 words that is externally assessed to complete the course.

Visit the College of Sound Healing website for further details, booking form and online payment option and also to download the first chapter of the Course Book "Sound Healing Practice".

For an informal chat and to answer any questions you may have, please contact me.