The Sound and Story Space

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Treatments - with sound

I have a part-time therapy practice in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, where I offer sound healing treatments using my voice in combination with tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and a number of other instruments, as required. Also Reiki Drum treatments and gong baths.

Treatment Costs

Costs vary according to the type of treatment and length of session but as a general guide are based on £40.00 - 1 hour.

Talks, Workshops, Events

I am happy to tailor talks and workshops to suit the needs and interests of your group, school, organisation or event. For further details please contact me.

Current options include:

"Ten Top Tips to Tune up Your Day"
"Self-Realization through Sound and Story"
"Sound Healing with the Voice - Treatment Demo"
"My Life-Changing Experience of Tomatis Listening Therapy"
"Insights into Sound Healing and the Benefits to You"
Tuning in to Sound & Story
The Healing Voice
Tone Poems - songs without words
Light & Laughter Gatherings (based on Laughter Yoga)
Sound & Story Sessions for Children
Creating Voicescapes (Vocal Art)
Please check here for dates and listings of regular events, including:
Sacred Chant Evenings
Gong Baths
Sound Healing Practitioner Training
Voicebaths for Relaxation