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School Visits - Children's Feedback

Children's Feedback

Thomas:  "Thank you for coming to read the story to us. I enjoyed it very much. You read it wonderfully to me. I know how you feel without Mr Chunky. I feel the same because I lost my hamster too it makes me feel sad hearing that animals and people have died, especially my Nanny. It's really sad."

Shannon:  "You make great books. My favourite one was Mr Chunky and I enjoyed it."

Catherine:  "The better things you do, your soul becomes brighter and that is why I know that the stars, which sparkle so brightly, have their own souls."

Alex:  "On TV I saw a cat like Mr Chunky and it was in a rescue place."

Aiden:  "When I grow up I want to be a story writer too. By the way when you write a new story can you come in and read it to us?"

Viktor:  "You know Mr Chunky and how you carry him in your heart. How does it feel?"

Aakriti:  "Mr Chunky looks really cute and smart in his picture. Mrs Pready you are a kind, truthful and a very respectful person do you know."

Jayne:  "I love the competition you sent us. It was super duper and great. I wish I had a rabbit. I'd call it Harry."

Jo:  "I think Mr Chunky is loveful, care-ful and kindful to be such a hope-ful cat. Mr Chunky might have died but his tricks, laughter and love and his thoughts are always with us."

Alex:  "Mr Chunky is wise and spectacular cuddly and great to cuddle up on the sofa with. Very friendly, he is very good at counsling. He is sort of telepatheck. He was good as gold."

James:  "I know where your home is. Do you? It's Heaven."

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