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The Mr Chunky Healing Stories for Children

Welcome to the Storytelling Space - Home of the "Mr Chunky Healing Stories for Children"
Background to the Stories

My inspiration for the Mr Chunky stories was Mr Chunky himself, who came to us via The Cats' Protection League in 1997 - which was a time of crisis for our family. Much to my surprise it soon became evident that Mr Chunky was actively watching over us - particularly when he chose to spend his first night in our home strategically positioned on the upstairs landing, rather than in his brand new comfy-cosy cat basket! Little did I know that years later I would have the privilege of attending an animal communication course run by James French, during which I would discover at first hand that our animal friends know exactly the particular purpose they serve in being with their human 'owners'.

Ultimately, Mr Chunky died on 18 September 2003 in the most tender and expert care of The Queen Mother Hospital for Animals in Hertfordshire. It was soon after that, in 2004, that I began writing what I knew would be a series of stories about Mr Chunky and his many adventures.

Why are they healing stories?

Although the main aim of the stories is to entertain children, their underlying purpose is to raise awareness of the immense healing power of our thoughts. As Mr Chunky always says: "It's the thought that counts!" Please visit my blog to find out more.

In addition, each of the first seven stories is written from a healing perspective relating directly to the workings of the seven chakras in turn. Hence, Story 1 illustrates the workings of the Root Chakra, Story 2 the Sacral, Story 3 the Solar Plexus, Story 4 the Heart, Story 5 the Throat, Story 6 the Brow and Story 7, the Crown. (You can find audio downloads of the story titles on the Titles page)

I very much enjoy sharing the stories and have received many comments, stories and animal memories back from both children and grown-ups too! As I look back, I realize more and more how deeply healing it has been for me personally to work through and mourn the loss of Mr Chunky and other loved ones in this way.

"The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. If stories come to you, care for them and learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive. That is why we put stories into eachother's memory. This is how people care for themselves" - Barry Lopez, "Crow and Weasel"

Story Structure

There are a number of themes running through each Mr Chunky storyline:

  1. The main characters are a brother and sister, Will and Gabi, who are aged 7 and 5 in Story 1 and alternate through the series.
  2. Mr Chunky always provides an insight into situations that children can encounter in everyday life
  3. There are invariably actual photos to accompany each story. This encourages children to wonder what is real and what is imaginary and draw their own conclusions!
  4. Although the stories are often peppered with long words and fine detail, children tend to pick up the meaning of a word from the context it's in. This helps to stretch both their vocabulary and their imagination whilst the other more familiar words and sounds carry the story along.
How the stories may be able to help you

For grown-ups:

Present at the heart of each story is a seed thought which holds deep personal meaning for me - on both my inner and outer journey through challenging times. In this way, I distil aspects of my own experience of healing into the stories. Mr Chunky touched my life and now - through his stories - hopefully there may be something that will touch yours too.

For children:

Simply by serving as a catalyst, Mr Chunky seems to inspire children with his tales by firing their imagination and setting them off wondering about all sorts of things. At the same time, Mr Chunky offers an easeful space which can have the effect of encouraging children to relax, wind down and - as the case may be - fall asleep. It is also an enabling space with the potential to help a child voice any thoughts or worries that may be troubling them.

I believe that this kind of 'story-sharing space' is needed more than ever before in everyday life for both children and grown-ups - a most precious gift from parent to child.

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